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Monday 1.18

  • Remora

Remora, CJ Boyd

The Pour House—You might've never seen instruments behave like this before. Three of tonight's four artists specialize in extended technique and sound manipulation with fairly common tools. Raleigh's Remora, for instance, is the solo electric guitar laboratory of Brian John Mitchell, who winds riffs through a matrix of pedals and loops until they emerge in phantasmagorical, highly ordered shapes. Expect icy ambience and deadly doom. Meanwhile, slicnaton funnels the sound of a bowed double bass and a mixing board into a dark chasm, creating sinister soundscapes that threaten to close in like the walls of some mythic abyss. Electric bassist CJ Boyd uses loops to create beautiful textures behind rhythms that walk, skip and circle back around. The odd man out, Andrew Weathers, feeds live instruments through a laptop to build luxurious, patient passages that drift by like low clouds. See —Grayson Currin

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrations

Various locations—When I was in elementary school, we sang a song in music class around this time of year that included the lines, "Martin Luther King was a great, great man/ He died for peace and love all over this land." Those are the only lyrics I can recall, but the messager is clear: King's message should be lived every day. There are events all day commemorating the man: the 30th Annual Martin Luther King Triangle Interfaith Prayer Breakfast at RTP's Sheraton Imperial Hotel (8 a.m.); a bell-ringing ceremony at Bicentennial Plaza (10 a.m.) and a march starting across the street at the State Capitol (11 a.m.); an ecumenical observance (noon); and a musical celebration (5:30 p.m.) at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium. Visit for events elsewhere in the Triangle, and remember: It's a day on, not a day off. —Sarah Ewald

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