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Monday 11.30


Art Chansky

The Regulator Bookshop—UNC-Chapel Hill basketball fans whose appetites have been whetted by Roy Williams' recent memoir will have plenty to salivate over with Art Chansky's new book, Light Blue Reign: How a City Slicker, a Quiet Kansan, and a Mountain Man Built College Basketball's Longest-Lasting Dynasty. A companion to his Duke-Carolina-themed Blue Blood, it's a look back at the origins of UNC basketball as the program celebrates its 100th anniversary. Chansky will discuss and sign copies of the book starting at 7 p.m. Visit Chansky will also visit Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh Dec. 8. —Zack Smith


Vital Remains, Graves of Valor

Volume 11 Tavern—Does it smell, sound and look like death metal? Though Rhode Island's Vital Remains have been around since 1989, that date is a bit misleading. After a few dozen lineup changes, only original guitarist Tony Lazaro remains. Despite multiple personnel shifts, though, one thing hasn't evolved in, oh, 10 years: Vital Remains plays the sort of unrelenting, tough-backed death metal—cookie monster vocals, blast beats, spiraling guitars flashing over a thick midsection—that should, like cockroaches, survive Armageddon. Nothing innovative or mind-bending, just old-fashioned, sternum-pressing death metal that's big on brutality and blasphemy. (2007's Icons of Evil sported several paintings of Jesus on the cross and a Passion of the Christ sample.) Florence, S.C., newcomers Graves of Valor have a new LP out on Relapse Records. They twist the form with slow-burn dynamics and vocals that suggest hardcore punk in their staggered delivery. Wretched, Morose Vitality and Burn the Blood open at 7 p.m. for $12. See —Grayson Currin

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