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Mission gone awry


Amy Brannock's recent statements to the Indy reveal her complete ignorance of what it takes to govern or lead an organization ("Crisis at the Durham Crisis Response Center," July 19). Her suggestion that the Durham Crisis Response Center's mission "is not dependent on any individual or individuals" is absurd. It is also downright disrespectful.

Tell that to the dedicated staff, individuals who labor around the clock to provide services to the community. Tell that to the countless individuals who have volunteered their time and resources to create, nurture and sustain the organization. It is clear from her statement that Brannock has little regard for these individuals.

A mission is nothing but a thought or statement unless individuals bear it with purpose and thoughtfully carry it into action. A mission independent of dedicated individuals serves no one. It is an individual who answers a crisis call, who hosts a support group session and writes a grant.

Unfortunately, the reckless actions of Brannock and DCRC's current lame duck board have cost Durham dearly. Indeed, the thoughtlessness of these few individuals has greatly impacted DCRC's ability to fulfill its mission.

Dave Jernigan

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