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Mike & Gallina Tamburo

When: Sun., March 6 2016


A decade ago, the Pennsylvania multi-instrumentalist Mike Tamburo treated folk music and cinematic scores with a kind of cut-up glee. His sprawling 2006 album, Ghosts of Marumbey, reimagined vogue solo instrumental guitar as a Brion Gysin project, where perfect bits were rearranged into a surrealist dream. But Tamburo soon escaped the independent music hustle in favor of ashrams and focusing on yoga, meditation, and sound therapy. Tamburo and his wife, Gallina, have now built a little new-age empire, with a thriving yoga practice, called Crown of Eternity, in Pittsburgh and their Sounds Eternal record label. As Crown of Eternity, they've made a suite of gorgeous records, using chants and keys and a gamelan-sized array of percussion to create coruscant sonic states. During this two-hour session, the Tamburos will deploy gongs, bells, and "therapy-grade Himalayan bowls" to create a mesmerizing, meditative world. You'll lie on the floor, floating in their bliss, and hopefully forgetting, for a moment, that Monday morning looms on the horizon. —Grayson Haver Currin

MID-SOUTH FENCERS' CLUB, DURHAM 5 p.m., $25, www.crownofeternity.com


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