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Micah Johnson and Elizabeth Fabry


Most people can only recall their first kiss. Luckily, my first kiss with The One was photographed—in a photo booth, with her wearing my suit jacket, a bottle of Patron in her hand and my tie in my friend’s mouth. Striking.

Thirty-six hours prior to that kiss, Elizabeth Fabry had agreed to take a new job and move from Oklahoma City to Durham, 1,200 miles away.

After the kiss, we came to discover there were numerous chances for us to find each other. We graduated the same year, from the same university, and started working in the same industry. We had mutual friends that were just waiting for the right time to introduce us. I even have pictures of me with her dancing in the background taken a year before we met.

Because of that kiss, I left the majority of my belongings in OKC and trekked cross-country on the highway that was a block from that photo booth and led me directly to Durham.

Since the move, we have fallen more in love with one another and with the Triangle, and we are having the discussions about our future together. With that in mind, I need to first ask her father’s permission to marry her. So, Mr. Fabry, may I have your permission to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage? No matter how far away your little girl may be, she will always be taken care of in a way that will make you proud. — Micah Johnson & Elizabeth Fabry — Durham

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