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A noirish thriller about Lenny (Guy Pearce), whose life is consumed by the search for the man who raped and murdered his wife. Besides losing his wife, the attack left him with a condition that robbed him of his identity--his memory regenerates itself every 15 minutes. This leaves Lenny having to rely solely on the notes--mementos--that he's able to scribble on the backs of Polaroids he takes so that he can identify key people in his life, as well as necessities like his hotel and car. The truly important information: "John G. murdered and raped my wife," and all his vital stats, are tattooed to his body. This murder mystery starts at the conclusion and basically re-ravels itself as we watch Lenny collect the clues that will enable him to avenge the death of the wife he doesn't remember. Rated R. See "Opening Friday" for theaters.

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