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Meanwhile, at N.C. Central ...


Here are a few reactions from N.C. Central University, where the alleged assault victim was a student, as expressed to Independent columnist Carl Kenney:


Remisha Jones, a graduate student in criminal justice

Being [that] the victim is a Central student and black made me more upset. Things get downplayed when it's a historically black university. Something should be done about it. If it was Central's basketball team and it was a white student from Duke, the school would be shut down, the team would be arrested, the school would be under investigation, CNN would have the story by now, and it would be in every newspaper in the country. The city would be in an uproar. It would ruin the reputation of the school.

It makes you think they're untouchable. Everything is covered up. Nothing will be done. African-American women are perceived as aggressive, promiscuous freaks. None of that takes away from no meaning no. Duke needs to address protection issues. They need to protect other students who come on campus.


Kewanda Merritt, a senior and Miss NCCU

What happened confirmed some of the thoughts of students at NCCU. There's been tension because of the assumption that one school is better than the other because of the racial makeup. If it had happened at Central it would have been viewed more as a rape case. Now it's more about race and creates conflict between the two schools and the community. It would not be as pressing an issue if it was just a rape.

This is the action of a couple of people and doesn't speak to the university as a whole. If this happened on Central's campus there would be a little bit more outrage. Black race is viewed as the violent race; therefore, there would be more outrage.


Dominique Douglas, a sophomore theater major

I think women in general have to be careful and think twice about situations they put themselves in. You have to be careful and protect yourself. That doesn't give them the right to do what they did. No means no.

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