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McCollege Tour


College kids think deep thoughts. They're also generally pretty idealistic. The little whippersnappers have gone and challenged the dominant paradigm again, and are calling the cinematic expression of their earnest introspection "The McCollege Tour." Two documentaries, The Subtext of a Yale Education and University Inc., challenge the corporatization of America's universities--the former through its story of the 1996 labor strikes at Yale (New Haven being one of America's poorest towns; Yale being among the wealthiest institutions--sound familiar?), the latter by investigating the closure of the University of Texas-Austin's film program due to "downsizing, cutbacks and the bottom line." Is this what schools of higher education were created for? Was there no humanitarian good intended other than to make a buck--and churn out younguns that felt likewise? Break into groups and discuss. The tour, incidentally, is part of the Southern Circuit series that regularly brings independent filmmakers and their films to Duke and N.C. State. See "Special Showings" for details.

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