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Max & Morrow Dowdle

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My husband and I met nine years ago, while I was working as the visual arts writer for an alternative weekly. I was reviewing a group exhibit that included works by many artists, but I found myself unimpressed until I reached a room holding an enormous, beautifully rendered portrait of a boy’s face with a wary expression and a piece of bloody tissue stuffed in one nostril. Little did I know that I was looking at an image of my future brother-in-law. My paper’s annual “best of” issue was about to come out, and I had to decide who was the top artist in our city. Tired of seeing the same few names recycled around, I decided this artist deserved the title based on this one stunning work. I didn’t know who he was, but I managed to obtain his contact information and made plans to meet him at his studio so that I could see more of his paintings to better write my article. I was about to attend graduate school one thousand miles away and wasn’t looking for a relationship, only an artist with remarkable skill. I had been moved by the work, but had no conception I might be similarly moved by its creator. Yet after my interview was finished, our dialogue just naturally continued into the afternoon … and continues on to this day. — Max & Morrow Dowdle — Raleigh


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