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Mara Kurtz and Rebecca Wood


Hello! My name is Mara and I've been dating my girlfriend Rebecca for a year and a half. I actually met her in my hometown of Oswego, NY in the summer of 2008 while I was visiting some family. Summer love quickly turned into something a lot more serious. When the summer came to an end I had to come back to Raleigh and start school at N.C. State. Before I left, Rebecca and I planned for her to come visit in early October 2008. Before I left, she gave me a box of 55 Hershey Kisses (One kiss for everyday we were apart) and then 55 little pieces of paper with sayings and quotations that were relevant to us. She even sprayed the boxes with the Axe spray she wears. While chocolate and Axe didn't make for the most pleasant aroma, it was the most romantic thing that anyone has ever done for me. I'm happy to say that eventually she moved to Raleigh and the rest is history! Happy Valentine's Day Becca, I love you!

Mara Kurtz and Rebecca Wood

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