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We begin this week with Terry Duff, who writes in response to our story last week on Jose Chicas, a Raleigh pastor who has been in a Durham religious facility for the past five months evading Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and who really craves a McDonald's pancake.

"I checked," Duff writes. "There are McDonald's in El Salvador. Not only is there breakfast, but you can get a barbacoa tocino gourmet. The federal law at the beginning of President Obama's first term was to deport illegal aliens like Jose Chicas. At the end of eight years of Obama being president, the same deportation laws were in place. Jose Chicas should thank the very compassionate Democratic Party for for his wonderful life. President Trump has given Congress an opportunity to fix the problem. Neither Republicans or Democrats can get anything done except secure power, money, and get the idiots to vote for them again."

Last week, music editor Allison Hussey raved about Fitness Womxn and their new release, Macho City, saying it "sizes up patriarchal entitlement and rips it to shreds." A writer claiming to be Martha Goldschmidt responds: "You are selling hatred. If you were of decent character, you'd be selling the idea that the overwhelming majority of men are good and decent human beings and that the anger should be directed only at those who have been proven to be bad people.

"Instead you spew rhetoric that encourages women to run around angry at the male half of the human race. And that is both idiotic and reprehensible. The Dalai Lama would shake his head and laugh at your low level of personal evolution. I see man-haters like you every day in Carrboro. I thank God I will never be like them, or like you. You are a pathetic example of a little girl. You certainly are not a woman, because the word woman implies a level of maturity you have not achieved.

"Females are not supposed to hate. It is not natural for a female to hate. Females are nurturing and loving, as anyone who has had children knows. For the sake of the world, I hope you are never a mother, because you have no business being one."

On a similar note, Nathan Smith 1 weighs in on the recent sexual misconduct scandal involving Senator Al Franken: "Calls for Franken to resign are not helpful. Not all moral transgressions are equally bad, and they don't all deserve the same punishment. Demanding the same punishment of Franken as Roy Moore plays into the false equivalencies of the Republicans. Franken must be punished. Moore must be destroyed."

On Facebook, Paul Vant and Janet Piper concur. First, Vant: "What Senator Franken did was awful. But let's not equate his bad joke and kiss to Roy Moore's pedophilia or the president's assaults." Piper: "He is obviously not touching her and did it for a camera. I don't believe he is a deviant doing things in the shadows. It is wrong and he apologized. I think this woman wanted attention. If this type of behavior turns out to be criminal, you better triple the number of jails."

"It needs to stop?" Kevin Marshall writes. "Yes. It also needed to stop eleven years ago, when the incident actually occurred. All of those incident reports from decades past, buried as not newsworthy at the time, are fueling outrage in the present. Some are just coming to light as victims feel emboldened to speak up, but some incidents were known to media and flat-out shrugged off. The victims' outrage is more than understandable. The general public's outrage is late in coming, but still understandable, even if we share some responsibility for collectively looking the other way. But media outrage rings hollow."

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