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Screen: Special Showings

Mad Foxes

When: Wed., July 8 2015



THE COLONY THEATRE—My fondness for "exploitation movies" comes from how they take some of the most horrific ills of society and plop them into realities where they're rendered so fake, so cartoony, so absurd that they become ridiculous. That explanation is the only reason I can recommend you go see the 1981 German exploitation film Mad Foxes, which is so depraved that its trailer has more nudity and violence than the entirety of most American flicks. Short version: A Stingray-driving upper-cruster and his girlfriend get assaulted by a Nazi biker gang, so he hires his black-belt kung-fu expert friends to take them down, resulting in an escalating war of vengeance involving much stabbing, shotguns and a grenade in a toilet. Oh, and it's very poorly dubbed into English. Morally, there is no way to justify its existence. But if you're tired of PG-13 fare playing it safe in today's cinemas, this might be a welcome breath of foul air, even if enjoying it almost certainly means you're going to Hell. 8 p.m., $5, 5438 Six Forks Road, Raleigh, 919-847-5677, Smith

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