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Mad at Full Frame or Just Want More? Either Way, Single Frame Has You Covered.



Maybe you can't afford Full Frame. Maybe all the screenings you want to see are sold out. Or maybe you have a grudge against it for any number of reasons—being mainstream, being traditional, being elitist, being popular.

In any scenario, the Smyth brothers, proprietors of the Unexposed Microcinema series, have you covered with their new Single Frame mini-fest at Shadowbox Studio on Sunday. Billed as "Durham's Anti-Full Frame Screening," the free showing features short experimental docs of the kind the Smyths are known for creating and curating.

"Single Frame aims to shed light on nontraditional documentaries in a time when big-budget Hollywood documentaries are hitting the Durham scene," the Smyths wrote of the event. "We respect documentaries created by a small crew of people with huge vision ... that challenge our perception of reality by presenting a new way to see the world."

But the Smyths told the INDY they aren't really that mad at Full Frame. "Obviously 'antithesis' implies some combative tone, and we keep saying that to draw hype, which is kind of funny to us," they said. "It's more of complementary screening to Full Frame, to show Durham that we don't just show big-budget Hollywood docs to folks from New Jersey who buy all-access passes and fly down for the weekend."

Single Frame seats about fifty, BYOB, though there will be a pony keg from sponsor Ponysaurus and free food in the break between screening blocks. Whether you're a Full Frame hater or just wanting more film, it's worth checking out: unless you've been to an Unexposed screening before, we can virtually promise you've never seen docs like this, at Full Frame or anywhere else.

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