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Lottery ads

Our contribution to the cause

May 11, 2005

The Honorable Michael F. Easley
Office of the Governor
20301 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-0301

Dear Governor:
Great news on your education lottery—odds are you’ll be signing it into law very soon! We wanted you to know we’re at your service to help with the advertising in any way we can.

We thought we’d help you get a head start with some concepts for selling the sizzle while you also obfuscate the steak! (Or should we say stake?) :)

They’re all print and point-of-sale ads, just in case the fuddy-duddies get their way and we can’t roll out the TV and billboards for awhile.

If you give us a chance, we’re confident we can singe some fingers out there when those first scratchers come off the printing press. We hope you’ll put us on the team!

The Whole Gang at Windy Indy Advertising

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