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Logan's Run

Call it a recasting of "The Fall" and the Christ myth, call it social commentary, call it post-apocalyptic retread, but most of all, call it fun. Logan's Run is one of those films that will earn you blank stare of disbelief if you admit to never having seen it. Michael York stars as our square-jawed sci-fi hero, Logan 5, a "Sandman," or policeman whose mission is to track down those rebels who dare to escape the domed, computer-controlled, orgiastic Garden of Eden called the "City" (which not surprisingly resembles a shopping mall because it was filmed in one). These crazed idealists, called "runners," seek the rumored "Sanctuary," a place free from the unreasonable ritual of Carousel--a spinning celebration of citizens' 30th birthdays marked by, ahem, their deaths. Made in 1976, a year before Star Wars, Logan's Run marks the end of cheeseball special effects, a fact that makes it kitschily endearing. Duke will screen it as part of Freewater Films' Escape Series on Thursday night. See "Special Showings" for details.

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