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When: Wed., Feb. 1, 9 p.m. 2012

It's not enough to say that Brooklyn's Liturgy released the most polarizing and inflammatory heavy metal album of last year. Aesthethica—with its militant restaging of the second wave of black metal, alongside the modern classical strains of composers such as Rhys Chatham and the mathematical bit-chomping of rock bands such as Helmet and Don Caballero—wasn't the piece of Liturgy that generated the most ire. Some folks, including me, loved it. Others ignored or dismissed it. But the controversy centered on frontman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, an outspoken, Ivy League-educated frontman who expressed his views on what black metal bands of the past had failed to accomplish—not only in a short manifesto but also in pretty much every interview he gave. Coupled with the music, his transgression read to many like heresy, as he attempted to, in effect, burn the image of those who once burned the churches, all the while embracing and bending their cultivated strain. In the last six months, Liturgy's ranks have experienced attrition, as drummer Greg Fox has exited to focus on his own music and other backbeat duties. Tonight, on their way to join Diplo and Sleigh Bells for a romp through Florida, only guitarists Hunt-Hendrix and Bernard Gann will play as Liturgy. Fuel to the fire, friends, fuel to the fire. —Grayson Currin

Price: $5

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