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A week before opening for Boyz II Men, Little Brother talks sex jams



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PC: [Laughs.] This was the joint, but they fucked my head up totally when they came with the slow remix. "10, 9, 8, 7..." This one is dope, but that remix that came out on the East Coast All-Stars album, which I have still...

IW: That was the first CD I ever bought. And The Bodyguard soundtrack.

PC: You know what? You're getting a pass for that because that was like the Hannah Montana of its day. Everybody had that shit. ...

DJ: This record goes back to the "Do the homie" now. This record used to get rub, but now I do the remix, the "10, 9, 8, 7, 6..." remix, and I go into another record. They don't want to hear that slow shit. They want to keep it moving.

PC: Here's Mike's rap. Here's the deep-voice rap. [Turns it up.]

IW: C'mon, rap it. You know it, right?

PC: I can't make that shit out. I couldn't make it out 17 years ago. ... I hear lips and hips. That's about all I can make out of Mike's rap. Well, let's see if we can make out Mike's rap. [The next two minutes are spent deciphering the rap and correctly predicting the end rhymes: air with hair, duty with booty.] Mike deciphered, ladies and gentlemen! We have broken the Mike code. For 17 years, no one knew what he was saying.

IW: It was well worth the wait.

PC: It was well worth the wait. "To grasp, to hold, to rock that booty." Word the fuck up, Mike. Knock them hoes down. Knock it down, Mike.

Little Brother plays between Boyz II Men and Michael Jackson tribute band Who's Bad? at N.C. State University's Lee Field Friday, Aug. 22. The show begins at 6 p.m. Tickets are $25-$30 and available at N.C. State students get in free.


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