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A week before opening for Boyz II Men, Little Brother talks sex jams



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PC: I don't know this. Who's this?

IW: It's Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

PC: I know the name. This is some '80s shit, right?

IW: Of course. "The Power of Love." Just wait for the break.

PC: Yeah, I'm waiting. ... Where is this going? Bring on those power chords, baby. [Laughs.]

IW: This is his soul singing, I suppose.

PC: Oh, that's soul? He's white, I take it. He has to be.

DJ: I would ask you to run that part back: "The power of love..." [Laughs. Phonte rewinds it.]

PC: It sounds like a bad Christopher Cross impersonation. He wanted to write like an "Arthur's Theme" or "Laura" or "Sailing," but this shit quite don't sail. It didn't make it out the docks. It don't go nowhere. That shit ain't hot, cuz. Sorry, Frank.

JODECI, "FEENIN'" (1993)

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PC: I think I bought this album and Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) on the same day. I bought this on tape, and I bought the Wu-Tang on CD.

DJ: This was like the ultimate house-party grind song for me. There weren't no clubs. I'm from a small town. So we did house parties, and when this song came on, that's when you got all your feels.

PC: I don't know why they don't do this in the clubs no more. They don't play slow joints no more in the club. I know you do it from time to time, but that's how you get on the girl, when you get in her ear. You can't get no number to Soulja Boy.

DJ: Fellas don't understand that. They want to group up together in the dance floor, while all the ladies will be like, "Look at these silly niggas."

PC: Look at these silly niggas. They want to do the homie. "Do the homie/ do the homie." I don't know why DJs stopped doing that shit.

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