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A week before opening for Boyz II Men, Little Brother talks sex jams



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PC: Kells again?

DJ: It sounds like he was just answering what you were saying.

PC: I don't know this one. What is it?

IW: "Sex Planet."

PC: Oh! This is the one where he's like, "I'll be in Uranus"?

IW: Yeah, he goes from common-man to astronaut sex.

PC: [Laughs.] Exactly. ... This is my problem with R. Kelly. The motherfucker can write and sing anything, and ... he's written so many great songs, but then he'll turn around and do some shit like this. This was the same album that had the zoo sex song on it. He had a song where he was doing monkey sounds. He was the sex-orangutan or some shit. It was horrible, man.

IW: Is it possible for a guy like R. Kelly to come back from the brink at this point? Can he ever return to normalcy?

PC: Just when I think that he's done everything, when I think he's taken it to levels of ignorance that I thought were just not possible, he finds a way to one-up himself. One night, me and my wife, they actually showed ["Trapped in the Closet"] on IFC. ... I couldn't turn away. So a midget and what next? I thought that was like the most ignorant shit ever, but then, on the Double Up album, he had a jam called "Real Talk" where he was just cussing: "Bitch, I wish you would/ Burn my motherfuckin' clothes." I was like, "Yo! This nigga has lost his motherfucking mind." It never stops with him. Every time I think he has reached the pinnacle of ignorance, he finds a way to outdo it. I don't know where it comes from.


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