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Life is Rich & Full

When: June 4-July 27 2010

On view at Rebus Works, Life is Rich and Full is a kaleidoscopic presentation of various streetscape and architectural collages that are rich in visuals and sharp in context and memory. Most interestingly, artist Luke Miller Buchanan has grafted onto the series a collection of places that loom large in his local history. His endearing term for it is "spiritual residue." While the exhibition is rooted in photography, Buchanan professes his first love to be drawing. It shows in the delightful juxtapositions and clever transposing of his collage aesthetic with a strong spatial palette that shines. On its own, the work is architecturally dazzling, but for added fun try to connect the dots between musical interludes that include Pet Sounds and Leonard Cohen's Songs of Love and Hate. More than simply a walk through urban Raleigh, it's a glimpse into the experience and workings of one particular artist at a distinct point in time.

A complementary show at Stitch on Hargett Street includes must-have ink drawings of recognizable Raleigh locations. They'll serve as a future archive of Raleigh's creative possibilities. Both shows continue through June 27. —Dave Delcambre

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