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Break the chains

I'm packing up my bags and getting the heck out of here. I have been dumped by my favorite Independent Weekly publication. She hid little messages within the coveted "Best of the Triangle" awards special pull-out section (cover story, June 13)—messages telling me that she had moved on, found a new group of friends and cashed in. So I think I'll do the same.

All banal metaphor aside, I'm so sad, sick and bogged by some of the winners of this year's Best Uf The Triangle, or BUTT. I never would have expected to see so many non-independent, corporate, commerce-crushing, boring, American billboard-owning monsters show up as winners.

Doesn't the Triangle have the most coffee per capita this side of the Prime Meridian? And the people have spoken? And you're also telling me that my neighbors' idea of the best steak must in some way involve a "Bloomin' Onion"? Ridiculous. As for the best local bookstore, the fine citizens of Dementia have selected something over there at The Streets of The War on Iraq. Tell me please, where within 300 rows of parking zone Z can I pick up a copy of your fine publication?

I'd like to find the best local hardware store. All Aces, man. I mean, all 50 of them. I'll give you that one, since with so many Ace Hardware stores around, one of them is bound to be close to your McHouse. Do you think that any of those dudes will even put your sticker in their windows, or would their regional offices frown on that?

What I am failing to understand is how the Independent became another CitySearch guide for dumdums. I call for a revote. Can there be some guidelines to this selection process?

I also want to highlight the hypocrisy by pointing out your centerfold on Spark Con—an event celebrating the creative spirit of so many Triangleons: entrepreneurship, art, independence. Good for you. Fits well with the interests of our neighbors.

Casey Robertson

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