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Letters to the Editor


Best of the Indy, Part 1

Thank you for the great article on Pittsboro ("Pittsboro: The art of living in the country," Best of the Triangle, by Grayson Currin, June 13). I think you captured the essence of a lot of what is so remarkable about our community. I particularly enjoyed your segues from one facet of life here to the next, as well as your recognition of the arts, music and businesses encouraging environmental responsibility as such important aspects of our economic vitality. In your words, "there are things here worth preserving and advocating and there are enthusiastic, creative people here with the willpower to do it." Please come back.

Tommy Edwards

Best of the Indy, Part 2

"Raleigh: Getting the old downtown back on its feet" (Best of the Triangle, by Lisa Sorg, June 13) is a fine piece of writing. Especially "bare in their buns as newborn babes in a blanket." Well done. Your descriptions of the sights on your journey made images more real than many visual depictions. I'm gonna keep it around to read again.

On your next trip to Raleigh, I would happily buy you a strong cup of coffee.

Judy Jones

Paddle on

Thanks for the summer guide to local rivers, lakes and "secret" swimming holes ("Water worlds," cover story, May 30). Wading in the Eno is such a great thing, especially when stepping out of your door in the summer starts to feel like baking in an oven. You rock on with your bad selves, intrepid Indy reporters!

I would add a resource to your list: locally owned Frog Hollow canoe and kayak rentals (www.froghollowoutdoors.com). They set you up with everything you need to paddle around the coolest places. Their Web site also offers links to current water levels and information about minimum levels needed to paddle specific local rivers.

It's amazing how you can be on the water—even parts of the river in town—but you feel like you're a million miles from nowhere. In a good way.

Jen Wichman

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