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Preserving bungalows

As we state on the cover of each quarterly issue, American Bungalow is "published in the interest of preserving and restoring the modest American home, the bungalow, and the rich lifestyle it affords." I use Google alerts to automatically gather news and blog entries on "craftsman bungalows" each day. And almost every day brings a link to an article like this ("New growth ousts old charm," May 9), recounting the puzzlement, frustration, anguish and anger of residents of towns and cities across the nation whose bungalow neighborhoods and communities are being wrecked by inappropriate and unprincipled infill development.

This occurs even when, as with Roanoke Park, the community's residents have agreed to have the community listed on the National Register of Historic Places or voluntarily adopted other measures designed to encourage preservation and restoration of the community's historic homes.

In almost every case, local politicians who claim there is "no political will to act" find ways to derail their constituents' clearly expressed desire that they act to support responsible conservation and preservation of their community's architectural heritage and historic resources.

We are sharing more and more of these stories with our readers and lending moral support to local residents around the country when and where we can, because once these places are lost to "the circling SUVs" and to the fantasy that big is better, no magic will bring them back.

John Luke, Editor
American Bungalow
Sierra Madre, Calif.

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