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Not a victim

I find it appalling that Richard Hart is still portraying Crystal Mangum, the Duke lacrosse case accuser, as a victim forced into her line of work to survive because of her skin color ("No escape," Up Front, April 25). What about the single moms of all ethnic backgrounds working multiple honest minimum-wage jobs to make ends meet? Mangum's line of work can pay 100 times minimum wage. Hart's article is an insult to ethical working-class single parents and a deplorable discourtesy to the true victims of sexual assault and/or racial injustice.

Larry Rubin

Smithfield story lacking

Your five-and-a-half-page article left out the cruelty to the hogs at this mega-slaughtering plant ("Big pig," by Bob Geary and Lisa Sorg, April 4). With Smithfield's expansion, our state faces more environmental degradation, more farmers and workers in trouble and more of the terror and pain inherent in massive animal-slaughter operations.

I hope you have a follow-up article on this issue.

Gina Wilson

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