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Real school support

The Independent article entitled "Great expectations" (March 7, 2007) was enlightening. However, the thorough discussion of the plight of autistic or in other ways "special" children prompts several observations.

The families interviewed moved to a community that has the resources to offer special care to children. What about the families who cannot make such advantageous moves? Parents of "special" children seem to be expecting public schools to be even less equitable than they already are. All the children in our communities should be receiving the best instruction and care. And yet, when schools ask for funds, many—too many—parents and non-parents protest and refuse to pay. If little Jim (fictional name) enjoys attention and care in a private school, it is because his parents pay a very stiff tuition. If our public schools were supported financially and morally as lavishly as the private ones are all throughout the Triangle, we would not be faced with many of the problems we bemoan without truly addressing them. We would also be doing the right, profitable and democratic thing.

Angela M. Jeannet
Chapel Hill

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