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Letters to the editor

Music to his ears

As a young journalist (I write for the Arts/Diversions desks at The Daily Tar Heel) and just as a general reader, I am constantly impressed with the work you and your music staff produce. The year in review for Triangle music and the online story about the various scenes in North Carolina ("Sounds Good," Dec. 6) were fantastic—exactly what I was hoping someone would write about. Keep up the complete coverage of Triangle music that you provide because I'm definitely reading it.

Morgan Ellis
Chapel Hill

High flying

I was pleased to read Byron Woods' comments that Air Borne Dance Theater's performance on Dec. 17, 2006, at the Arts Center ("Learning to Fly: Air Borne's first show achieves liftoff," Dec. 27) was "a compelling glimpse of what we hope are things to come." I, too, was in awe of the talent of these performers and I am looking forward to their next aerial dance performance; however, I question whether or not we will see another aerial performance from this company in the Triangle. Without any affordable, adequately designed rehearsal space or any adequately designed, aerial-friendly performance venues, the costs for a modest production, such as Air Borne's, do not offer a profitable return. Although the performance was well attended, the time, energy and money involved to create and rehearse in an "aerial" studio and to create a venue that was safe for the performers, with a less than adequately sized stage, far outweighed the grants and admission fees received.

On Dec. 17 we had a taste of new dance theater potential in the Triangle; how do we keep that potential alive and growing?  How can our community create a venue for ... "things to come"?

Arianna Witten

Nowhere else

I would like to commend the Independent Weekly for drawing our attention to the PCB incinerator being planned in Western Wake County ("Incinerator likely for Ward PCB site in Wake," Dec. 27). This proposal has received no real coverage in the local media, other than the Indy. Without your commitment to covering stories like this, the public still might not know about what's going on over there. Thank you for reporting the unreported.

Mike Nelson

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