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Letters to the Editor

Clarifying a point

In his Dec. 6 article, "N.C. State considers Pope money," staff writer Bob Geary quoted me as saying that "a lot of the research that comes out of [the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education] is pretty shoddy." I had told Bob that the research could be shoddy but that the center did a valuable job of keeping faculty in higher education accountable.

I write to set the record straight.

Andrew J. Taylor

Endorsing vegetarianism

Kirk Ross' column "Workers at Smithfield: Like hogs to slaughter" (Exile on Jones Street, Nov. 29) burned one image into my brain: "The Bladen County plant, the largest pork processing facility in the world, slaughters up to 32,000 hogs a day."

Any food production system that puts animals and humans together in a toxic mix of suffering, pain, death, pollution, fear and trauma, along with the piercing noise and smells, is a disgusting and inhumane industrial procedure that can do nothing but brutalize workers and animals.

It reconfirms my commitment to being a vegetarian for ethical, nutritional and environmental reasons. We have refined our meat-production engine to the methods of the Holocaust and the morals of Animal Farm.

Peter Childers

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