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Burtman was off the mark

In a thoughtful and otherwise excellent column last week ("Breaking the code," Nov. 1), Bob Burtman stated that I "pushed the boundaries of propriety if not the Code of [Judicial] Conduct" in my April primary endorsement of Mike Nifong. Burtman went on to comment: "Given Nifong's much-criticized handling of the Duke lacrosse case, such statements hardly inspire confidence in Morey's impartiality."

I am compelled to respond.

1) My endorsement of Nifong in the primary election was made only after I sought confirmation from the Judicial Standards Commission that it was entirely lawful and permitted by the revised Judicial Code.

2) Of course, my April endorsement was not impartial. Based on my years of work and observation of all the candidates, I believed that Nifong was the best choice.

3) My endorsement had nothing at all to do with my ability and commitment to be fair and impartial in every case coming before me as a judge.

Do I continue to believe that the Judicial Code is in dire need of review and revision? Absolutely. Did I either push the boundaries of propriety or the Code of Judicial Conduct when I made my endorsement last spring? No.

Marcia Morey, District Court Judge

Jennings was right on

Thanks so much for the op-ed on school violence ("The smoking elephant in the room," Derek Jennings, Oct. 18).

Here in Winston-Salem, we have the same problems with losing our youth to violence, and the media in our city do not even take notice, much less investigate where the guns are coming from and how they get into the hands of kids. I used to think it was just plain old-fashioned racism, but now I am not so sure it isn't the larger issue of the NRA, money and politics.

Thanks for a well-thought and well-written piece.

Ken Maxwell
Winston Salem

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