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Size Doesn't Matter


If you noticed something different about this week's paper, you're right. It's smaller, by an inch and a half, than previous issues of The Independent. Due to skyrocketing newsprint costs, printers and newspapers around the country are shifting to the smaller format in order to continue serving their readers, and so is The Independent.

But if ever there was a case when size didn't matter, this is it.

Although our page size has changed, our commitment to hard-hitting journalism hasn't. You can continue to count on The Independent to come through each week, as it has for 18 years, with the same fresh take on the news that the mainstream media overlook. Our mission is as important now as it was when we began the journey in 1983: to publish the nation's best alternative journalism and to help build a just community here in the Triangle. With no corporate ownership to answer to, we're beholden to no one but ourselves.

Neither are we resting on our laurels. Popular advice columnist Esther Carp is back, and our movie, calendar and arts & entertainment sections have been redesigned to be easier to read. In addition, look in the coming months for a host of new columns and more in-depth reporting. We are bursting with energy and fresh ideas in our quest to inform and entertain you each week.

We hope you'll continue to read and enjoy each issue--especially next week's annual "Real Best of the Triangle." And if you read each paper from cover to cover, as we know you do, you'll be in a great position to answer the questions we'll be posing in our readership survey this fall.

Tell us what you think. We always love hearing from you.

Sioux Watson, Publisher

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