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La Luz, The Shivas, Daddy Issues

When: Wed., March 11, 8:30 p.m. 2015



KINGS, RALEIGH—Lo Davy started to learn how to play guitar last summer, not long after forming her Greensboro-based band, Daddy Issues. She and bandmate Lindsey Sprague went to a guitar store, hoping to buy Davy a Squier Jaguar. But then they saw it: an old Teisco, a budget-model guitar imported by the truckload in the early '50s.

Sprague and Davy both play Teiscos now, and the dual-guitar attack offers a visual cue to the band's biggest sonic debts. Daddy Issue taps a wellspring of vintage sounds, from the Beach Boys' endless-summer surf-pop and The Shangri-Las' girl-group sugar to The Trashmen's primitive wallop.

But Daddy Issues classify themselves more simply: "We're punk by default," drummer Amethyst White says.

Bassist Madeline Putney interrupts for an addition: "Punk in a sort of 'feminist, fuck you' way."

Rather than follow the cutesy nostalgia of similarly '50s- and '60s-inspired upstarts, Daddy Issues revel in the absurd and risqué. Consider "So Hard," the lead track on the quartet's effervescent and effortlessly charming Double Loser tape. It's a tune about giving a dude an erection so legendary it pushes him across the county line. "Thinkin' 'bout my love/dripping down your thighs/that's when the feeling grows twice in size," Davy sings, somehow both doe-eyed and straight-faced.

Rather than a come-on, it's a proud proclamation of sexual prowess that radiates confidence and exudes strength. Daddy Issues mash gender politics with mischief and fun. It's an attitude echoed in the group-shouted rallying cry in the chorus of "Let's Go to the Mall," where Davy sings about stealing underwear and copies of Annie Hall. Feminism, Sprague concedes, is an important part of Daddy Issues' identity, but she says it's not the quartet's only purpose.

"We're feminist women," says Putney, "who write about what we like or what we think is funny."

Daddy Issues open for The Shivas and Seattle's La Luz, a surf-pop quartet currently finishing the follow-up to 2012's springy It's Alive with Ty Segall. 8:30 p.m., $8, 14 W. Martin St., Raleigh, 919-833-1091, —Patrick Wall

Price: $8

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