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Rupert Murdoch, Smiling Tom, MySpace: Could it be that social networking Web sites are to blame for the state of modern hardcore?

In the MySpace ecosystem most of us call home, punk and hardcore are badges to be worn on tricked-out profiles. After all, the new chug-chug found popularity around the same time MySpace ate your bandwidth. And--from those way-cool videos on the front page to their artistically brazen featured "artist" section--the site has dibs on the churning all-ages crowd at the Saosin show or the 16-year-old girl from Kernersville who totally wishes Beloved would get back together. No wonder a billion bands (most wanting Victory, even post-Hawthorne Heights) are clogging up the macho machine.

That's why it's a wonder to see Savannah, Ga.'s Kylesa steer clear of the bullshit glamour or the boy's club melodrama and go straight for the sludge, the dirt and the gold. With their latest, Time Will Fuse Its Worth, Kylesa again aligns itself with the brainy kids in the brawny pack: Think Converge (who they will soon tour with) with crazy love for crust replacing the technical metal savvy.

Let the glitzy gusto-kids in Taking Back Sunday knock-offs sing about some girl somewhere and, inevitably, what she "did with their heart." Meanwhile, Kylesa bursts vessels and coughs up the tough stuff, nary a romantic couplet in sight. Now, about that featured artist spot....

Kylesa plays Local 506 with Idea of Beauty on Thursday, Nov. 2.

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