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Kris D. Bailey

N.C. District Court


Full Legal Name: Kris Douglass Bailey

Name as it Appears on the Ballot: Kris D. Bailey

Seat/ District: 10th Judicial District, Wake County, Salisbury seat (open seat)

Partisan Affiliation: Republican

Date of Birth: 11-22-1956

Home Address: 215 Rosenberry, Cary, NC 27513

Mailing Address (if different from home): same

Campaign Web Site:

Occupation & Employer: Bailey Mediation LLC

Bachelor's Degree Year & Institution: BS Business, Freed-Hardeman College 1978

JD Year & School: University of Georgia School of Law 1995

Other Degrees: Masters, Winthrop University 1981

Years lived in North Carolina: 21

Home Phone:

Work Phone: 919-271-1333


1. What do you believe are the most important issues facing the District Court? What are your top priorities or issues of concern for the coming term? Overcrowded courtrooms and dockets, need for experienced judges. Listen well, work hard, and decide fairly.

2. What qualifies you to serve? 15 years as attorney, 4 years as judge, extensive experience in criminal and civil cases both as judge and as attorney. While both are fine gentlemen, one opponent is lawyer for 5 years the other for less than 2 years. The court is not the best place for on the job training.

3. How do you define yourself politically? American, independent minded republican. How does that impact your judicial approach? I respect the separation of powers and rule based on the law and the facts of each case.

4. FOR INCUMBENTS: What have been your most important decisions in your current capacity? FOR CHALLENGERS: What decisions has the incumbent made that you most disagree with? Not applicable.

5. What do you feel was the U.S. Supreme Court's most important recent decision? Caperton v. Massey. Did you agree with the majority? The reasoning of the minority is stronger and raises questions that will have to be answered in the future.

6. Do you feel that North Carolina's current system of judicial elections serves the state well?

North Carolina voters do not want to give up the right to vote. (see Elon College polls and research) At least with elections a poor judge can be thrown out. Are there other forms of selecting judges you feel would function better or worse than the current one? Political appointment may be even worse, where judgeships are a reward for political support or campaign funding.

7. Have you ever pled guilty or no contest to any criminal charge other than a minor traffic offense? No. Please explain.

8. Is there anything else you'd like to add about yourself or the issues that are important to you?

More experience than my competition combined. Out of respect for the legal profession, deference to our judicial system and respect for public trust, I do not solicit or accept campaign money from lawyers. See web site, "Integrity" for further explanation.

Identify and explain one principled stand you would be willing to take if elected that you suspect might cost you some popularity points with voters. The above 'no soliciting or accepting money from lawyers' costs me some popularity with lawyers and candidates who do.

10. On the District Court level, what improvements can be made in terms of the juvenile justice system? What are the weaknesses or constraints in the court's handling of juvenile offenders?

We have made progress with the addition of the public defender's office and judges focused on juvenile cases. The weakness is in parents whose own problems make it difficult for them to raise and mature their children.

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