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Ken and Billie Neese Grogan


In the spring of 1965 I was Director of Accounting at UNC-Greensboro (formerly Woman's College until 1963). The surroundings were matchless for a bachelor, but there was a rule against faculty and administrators' romantic involvement with students.

One day when I was in the Registrar's office, I noticed an attractive student worker seated in a chair, and peeking from beneath her skirt, there were pettipants! (Remember those?) Later, at summer school registration, I saw her again, started a conversation, introduced myself and found out her name, Billie Neese, a Greensboro resident..

Later that week, I decided to give her a call, but I didn't know her father's name, which I needed for the telephone listing. (No cell phones in 1965.) So I looked for a William—since a man with a daughter named Billie is likely named William. Several phone calls later, no success.

Next, Plan B. Since she is a student, she has a cashier's office record where I can find contact information. I went to the cashier's office one night and flipped registration cards and located her record. (Recall the days before computerized data bases and stringent student privacy laws.)

Forthwith I phoned her. It took a while to convince her that this was a social call and that I was not always a stone-faced administrator. After a lengthy conversation, we made the first date.

Although it was shaky at times, the relationship progressed. We were engaged in December 1965 and married in June 1966—and remained so happily since.

Ken and Billie Neese Grogan
Chapel Hill

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