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It is difficult to raise criticisms of religion while being respectful of its members, but director Amos Gitai was willing to give it a shot. The third film of a trilogy featuring three different cities and their inhabitants, Kadosh, a Hebrew word meaning "sacred," focuses on the Orthodox Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, Mea Shearim. The rigid and ritualistic community is a source of great consternation for many outsiders, and, as Gitai hypothesizes, to many within the religion as well--specifically, its female members. Kadosh follows the lives and thoughts of two sisters. The elder, who has been childless for all of her 10 married years, must give her husband up to another woman so that he may sow his seed--childbearing being a woman's primary function. The younger sister is single but is in love with a rock star wannabe who left the sect to join the military, leaving her engagement to a zealous member of the community to be arranged by her family. While this is a fictional story, Gitai's attention to detail reveals his background as a documentarian--a background that is helpful in quietly criticizing the insular religious group while painting a well-rounded and authentic view into the community. See "Opening Friday" for theaters and times.

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