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Special Events

Just Sit at Home

When: Dec. 21-28 2016

Write the great American novel, or at least outline a couple of chapters. Organize your clothes by "wear" and "never wear," then add each item from "never wear" back to "wear," because you never know. Teach your cat to flush the toilet. Clear your inbox, even months-old emails from exes and surveys for dubious magazine subscriptions. Paint your nails, remove the polish, and paint them again. Watch Treme all the way through without stopping to rewatch The Wire. Learn the ondes Martenot, or at least the ukulele. Stare at cobwebs, then stare at a broom (maybe something will happen). Go to the movies. Listlessly click around on Facebook. Eat junk food. Play board games with your family, if that's what it takes. You have to figure out something to prevent you from stumbling around in your PJs all week, because other than the few worthy events we scavenged for our arts calendars, there really is nothing to do, unless you'd like to see eleven different Nutcrackers. It's a holiday wasteland out there; enjoy the annual rite of relearning what humans do with unstructured time. —Brian Howe

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