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Jordan Peterson’s Bro Minions Would Like a Word With Us


Last week, the Durham Performing Arts Center announced that it would be hosting Jordan B. Peterson, professor, author, YouTube star, and Lord of the Incels (that's internet-speak for "involuntarily celibate"), on its stage in September.

Given that Peterson has a well-documented history of making misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, and racist statements, Laura Bullard had some thoughts about the wisdom of this particular booking, especially at a publicly owned facility.

As you might expect, Peterson's bro minions (and they were almost all bros) from all over the globe were unleashed on Twitter and Facebook and email and our comments section. So what the hell, let's let them vent their feelings.

Up first, Noah, who describes himself as a "former liberal Democrat": "Just read your column in INDY regarding Professor Peterson. I say professor because you forgot to mention his credentials, which makes his opinion on such matters correct and yours wrong. See how that kinda sucks when it doesn't work in your favor? I notice also that you are using the tactic of silencing his free speech. There are all the other countries of the world to choose from if you'd like limited speech; this isn't one of them. I just read your dribble, which I consider far more offensive than anything that that man has ever said. You try to silence Dr. Jordan Peterson, but guess what: The genie is already out of the bottle. You 'compassionate' liberals are being exposed as the freeloading commies that you are. I suppose that's the problem with trying to outwit smart people like him. When you have no way to combat him with reason, you reach for the air horns and nickel jars. Sorry, he's not going anywhere, his ideas are far more credible than you give him credit for. And he teaches true compassion. He also teaches the one idea that the left has been unable to wrap their heads around—personal responsibility."

Over to you, Jon Gindick: "Trying to restrict free speech is fascistic. This woman is an idiot. Please keep publishing her evil ideas. Once exposed to the sunlight, Americans can see leftist thought as the cancer it is."

And you, Michoel Stern: "I read the hit piece on Jordan Peterson by Laura Bullard. Is there no standard for articles to be published on your website? The piece was [as] intellectually lazy as it was dishonest, by that I mean very. The irony also was not lost that the author of the piece stereotyped and maligned a swath of the population (the South) as bigoted as she was virtue signaling about being sensitive to the needs of others.

"The article has everything that normal society finds appalling about some in the social justice activism crowd: intellectual laziness and dishonesty, flippant charges of racism and other bigotry, bigotry toward people in the 'non-marginalized' population, and a pompous assumption they represent marginalized people and speak for them."

And finally, Timothy Short: "I seriously doubt the writer/editor for this piece of 'journalism' has ever heard a single full lecture by JP. Either no research was conducted into Mr. Peterson's ideas, or there is a wild, blinding bias within your organization. The reason why people like JP are receiving so much support from the general population around the globe is because the left has become ideologically possessed and frantic. The left is now opposed to any tradition, confuses male competence with male dominance, celebrates mental illnesses like gender dysphoria (even in children), and wishes to see Western civilization destroyed.

"You have lost the culture war. Americans are rejecting progressivism, which is only propagated by legislative fiat and by force. Generation Z leans more toward conservatism than the previous three generations. The face of the left is now a screeching feminist harpy. You have lost.

"Your articles are poop, also. :)"

(He really included a smiley face.)

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