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Jimmy and Lauren Cioe


I was busy, broke, divorced and absolutely fully completely 100% accepting in my heart that I would die alone. She moved in next door.

This angel from North Carolina who’d been ‘round the world. This angel flying too close to the ground. No not an angel. A sweet lemony goddess of an Earth Mother. No, let’s see. A woman. A strong woman. A real woman who; feels, thinks, works, breathes, wrestles, asks, fasts, cooks, got sober, travels, reads, risks, watches, listens, knew, cried (and was not scared of my tears) and loves. A Soul Mate.

I saw so much reflection in her eyes I picked myself up and dusted myself off and healed some parts and hell it was time to go to N. Carolina and help her Nana and so I went/came.

And here I am in a sweet spot in a great state healing and opening my heart and I owe it all to her and I love her madly. God Bless my wife, the First in Flight sweet state of NC and the USA! — Jimmy Cioe and Lauren Haley Lawson Cioe, Chapel Hill

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