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... is Brad Miller running?


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We are dying to know up here: Is Congressman Brad Miller going to run for the U.S. Senate against Elizabeth Dole? Our tracking signals indicate that Dole rarely travels to North Carolina, whereas Miller seems to be in perpetual campaign motion there. And Republicans like Dole are out of favor for sticking so close to President Bush, are they not? We thus conclude that Miller would beat Dole like a tympanic skin—a drum, I believe you call it.

We're dying to know too, Zork. It's been two months since Miller said he was considering the race and would decide quickly. So we assume that the delay means he's going to run and is preparing for a formal announcement. Officially, however, he hasn't said either way. Dole is definitely vulnerable—she's on Congressional Quarterly's list of the five most vulnerable Senate incumbents in '08. A lot depends on whether she actually gets out and works. And on whether her Democratic opponent—Miller or someone else—is running with a popular presidential candidate.


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