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International Compassionate Living Festival



International Compassionate Living Festival, Clarion Hotel Crabtree, Raleigh, Oct. 4-6
A decade before the religious right made "compassionate conservatism" an election-year oxymoron, there was the Culture and Animals Foundation. The nonprofit group, founded by N.C. State philosophy professor Tom Regan and his wife Nancy, awards grants to individuals whose work exhibits a positive concern for animals.

Next month, the CAF hosts the 17th annual International Compassionate Living Festival, an event that brings people from the United States, Europe, and Asia together to explore ways of living that cause the least harm to the planet and its inhabitants. At this gathering, compassion has less to do with political labels than it does with ethical practices: not eating animals or using products tested on them.

Prominent activists, artists and academics will hold forth on no-kill animal shelters, the history of animal experimentation, vegetarian nutrition and other topics at Raleigh's Clarion Hotel Crabtree, Oct. 2-4.

On Saturday Oct. 5, award-winning filmmakers Jenny Stein and James Laveck (The Witness) will share their newest video on farmed animals, Peaceable Kingdom. Before that, Jill Robinson will discuss her pioneering work with the Animals Asia Foundation, which first brought China's shocking bear-farming industry to the world's attention.

Attend any lecture by paying $6 at the door, or spring for a festival pass including all 10 lectures, a sumptuous vegan Saturday lunch and dinner, and a cornucopia of cruelty-free products. For more information and registration information, visit or e-mail

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