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Our picks for the Nov. 6 races



A vote for vision

When the leaves begin to turn, do yourself a favor: Mosey south on the 25-mile stretch from Hillsborough's Churton Street, stutter-step your way through traffic in Chapel Hil and Carrboro, and cruise down U.S. 15-501, before driving a lap around Pittsboro's town circle. You will have just visited some of the Triangle's most progressive communities, where town and city leaders, most of whom we're endorsing for the Nov. 6 election, are purposefully choosing how their communities grow. They're not afraid to place stringent requirements on developers for affordable housing and environmental sustainability. They're not hesitant to enact moratoriums on growth until they've clarified their vision for it. They're not reluctant to stand toe-to-toe with the well heeled and the powerful to maintain the quality of life for their residents.

That is not to say there aren't serious issues facing these communities: In the villages of Hillsborough and Pittsboro, elected officials must control growth as these communities become even more sought after. Town leaders must ensure Chapel Hill and Carrboro don't become enclaves for the wealthy.

Nonetheless, we've endorsed candidates for these races who have demonstrated a vision for an environmentally sustainable future; their views are catching on, particularly in Raleigh and Cary, where voters recently bum-rushed candidates lacking that foresight.

Now, as for that 25-mile trip: It would be all the better if you could take a bus.

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