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Indy captured veggie scene

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As a vegetarian for more 25 years and a Triangle resident since 1990, I found the information in your article very consistent with my experience ("Slim pickin's" by Claire Cusick, Dish, Feb. 6).

In addition to the places listed in the article, I remember a few others that no longer exist that had a good selection of veggie options: Seventh Street in Durham, Columbia Street Bakery in Chapel Hill, and—my personal favorite—the Ratskellar in Raleigh.

I frequent several reasonably priced places that have quality veggie ingredients but are not strictly vegetarian. Sweet Tomatoes has a tremendous salad bar (I wish they would add tofu to it, though) and often several choices of veggie soups. Boston Market has a surprisingly good selection of dishes that appear to be strictly vegetarian, though I have not verified all of the ingredients. Orient Garden (Cary, Durham and Morrisville) has an entire vegetarian section on their menu, with some fantastic tofu dishes. Finally, Moe's Southwest Grill allows you to choose tofu as a "meat" ingredient choice in many of their entrees.

Ram Athavale


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