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Here's a question for you--name the only band that's made records with Carl Perkins, Captain Lou Albano, Skeeter Davis, and John Candy. Okay sure, Captain Lou has recorded with all the greats (that's a joke, folks), but it's the other three that narrow the field to only one: NRBQ. These legendary Nor'easters--keyboardist/vocalist Terry Adams, bassist/vocalist Joey Spampinato and drummer Tom Ardolino have been playing together since the early '70s, with Joey's brother Johnny filling the huge shoes of Big Al Anderson in the mid '90s--combine jazz, primal rock, rhythm & blues, pop, country, and a half dozen other things on any given night, in any given club. It's Duke Ellington meets Johnny Cash meets the Beach Boys meets your wacky uncle's bar band. The show is $15 and has a "special guest opener."

Versatility, thy initials are NRBQ. In simplest terms, if you've never seen NRBQ, you really, really need to. And if you have already seen them, you surely don't need me to convince you to see them again. And again and again...

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