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The stories behind Leah Sobsey's new series of photographs are fascinating, but she made us promise not to tell. "You don't need to know the stories to look at the photographs," she says. "I'd rather people bring their own ideas to the images." The self-portraits, which tell the stories of her grandmothers, have allowed Sobsey to recontextualize events from her family's past, in order to make them her own. "My self-portraits are a way to relive an event or a story and begin to tell a new one," she says. The images are made on watercolor paper with a hand-coated liquid emulsion, creating an irregular surface, with parts of the images lost, or with wild brush strokes telling Sobsey's own, fragmented version of a story. ("Untitled" is pictured right.) The exhibition is up at the Lee Moore Insurance building in Carrboro through July 1. Call 942-8803 for details.

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