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Gamil Design of Raleigh opened a gallery space in their offices in April of last year, ran it until December, and then opened it up again this May. The gallery idea came to the employees of Gamil Design when they noticed that they had a number of friends and acquaintances who were artists, but whose work could be seen only in the artists' own homes. "We wanted to reach talent that doesn't have gallery representation," says Beth Khalifa, Gamil Design's vice president for visual design. "A lot of the people we've shown are first-timers. Our goal was to motivate artists who are talented, but whose goal is not necessarily to be professional." Phillip McKay, who lived in Raleigh for years and now resides in San Francisco, is returning to show his work (pictured) beginning Aug. 3. The last show he did, at Zoom!, was a combination of three-dimensional paper sculpture and flat paintings. This year, he'll have more paintings, which have an offbeat way of portraying people in everyday circumstances. McKay has a lively sense of color and an almost folk art quality to his style. See his work at Gamil Design gallery through Sept. 5. Call 834-3552 for details.

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