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"I never live according to models nor shall I ever be a model for anyone at all; on the contrary, what I shall quite certainly do is make my own life according to myself whatever may come of it," said Lou Andreas Salomé, the psychoanalytic pioneer and lover of famous men including, possibly, Nietzsche and Rilke. Archipelago theater company is presenting a dramatization of her life, titled A New Fine Shame, as part of Manbites Dog Theater's Other Voices series. Student of Nietzsche and Freud, intellectual, writer and psychoanalyst, Andreas Salomé was one of the most intriguing, independent women of the 20th century. Co-directed by Ellen Hemphill and Terry Beck, with music by Sam Piperato, Ellen Hemphill and Nor Hall, it promises to be an equally intriguing production. A New Fine Shame runs May 10 through May 20. Call 682-3343 for details.

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