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Miscommunication is an occupational hazard of romance, and a hallmark of romantic comedy. This week, Raleigh's Flying Machine Theatre Company opens its production of Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight (pictured), a screwball comedy about slips of the tongue and matters of the heart. When it made its debut on Broadway a couple of years ago, the show was billed as "Seinfeld with sex scenes" by, and described as "sublimely ridiculous" by The New Yorker. The set-up is something like this: Nancy and Ben are a young couple in love, until Nancy blurts out an off-color remark in the throes of passion, and the relationship spirals into chaos. Enter an assortment of surreal characters armed with one-liners. All elements converge in a hilarious late-night conference call-turned-therapy session. The play runs March 22 through April 8 at Raleigh's BTI Center. Call 317-1686 for details. --Clancy Nolan

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