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Even with its distant New England setting, Rebecca Gillman's play about a racist attack at a small college speaks to anyone who has bumbled through the battle over political correctness. Spinning into Butter is named after a Little Black Sambo tale: After a pack of tigers steals all the clothes from the young boy, they start to argue about who looks best, fighting until they start to spin around the tree so fast they turn into a blob of butter. Sambo gets his clothes back, and the moral of the tale is, of course, that trying to maintain the best appearance sometimes makes all your substance melt away. Such is the fate of Gillman's college as it attempts to respond to the threatening notes someone has slipped under the door of one of its few African-American students. In the end, the best intentions of the school's administrators lead them into deeper trouble and the real issue of the play is not what happens when people do bad things, but how we react to it. Starring Lynda Clark (pictured) as Dean Sarah Daniels, Spinning Into Butter runs at Theatre In The Park on Feb. 16 and 17, 22-25 and March 1-4. Call 831-6058 for more information.

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