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in the words of those there


Events on the Gulf Coast have exposed catastrophic weaknesses in the domestic security infrastructure, and many Americans are realizing for the first time how vulnerable we've become due to our commitment to the war in Iraq. While hurricane relief efforts take center stage, the war in Iraq continues, as does a peace movement newly energized by Cindy Sheehan. This Friday, a riveting new film called Occupation: Dreamland will get a sneak preview at Durham's Carolina Theatre. The film follows a small group of soldiers from the 82nd Airborne as they patrol Falluja in the winter of 2004. We meet a diverse, often thoughtful group of soldiers, many of whom testify to confusion and frustration about their mission. The film is being rolled out to coincide with a fresh burst of anti-war activity, including a march on Washington D.C. on Sept. 24. The screening is at 7:30, and local author, veteran and peace activist Stan Goff will speak afterward. A regular theatrical run will begin next week.

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