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North Carolina native and current Georgia resident Horace Farlowe is noted for his large-scale stone sculptures, which combine abstract and classical elements: The artist employs smooth, curvilinear stone abstract or geometric elements against classical sculptural elements like columns and arches. Farlowe, who received his BS in painting from Atlantic Christian College in Wilson, is known for the marble sculptures commissioned for the North Carolina Zoological Park and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Gardens in Raleigh. "Horace's recent work is based on trips to Italy, where he viewed the Greco-Roman ruins against the sky," says gallery director Joe Rowan. Horace Farlowe: Recent Paintings & Sculpture, which includes both Farlowe's recent sculptural work and his abstract paintings, is showing through Nov. 17 at Somerhill Gallery in Chapel Hill. Call 968-8868 for details.

DiamondDiamondDiamondThe Steinway Gallery in Chapel Hill is showing the paintings of Georgia artist Steve Frankel through Dec. 13. Frankel began as a young man in commercial art and illustration and moved into fine art about 15 years ago. According to gallery director Bill Steinway, Frankel calls his style "imaginary realism," because he "uses realistic elements in the work but imagines the scene in an inventive or unusual way"--for instance, elements might be larger or smaller than they would normally appear, or they'll be changed in a unusual way (see "Pachycereus, Texas," pictured above). Frankel's finely detailed, small-scale works are playful, joyful and creative. There will be an opening for the artist and his show, Steve Frankel: Imaginary Places, on Friday, Oct. 26, from 6 to 8 p.m. Call 942-8780 for details.

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