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Here's a recipe you won't find in Joy Of Cooking. To make a fluff chick omlette, toss in a dash of psychedelia, a dollop of college rock, a handful of androgyny and some Ratt Funeral memories. Stir well. Stand back and marvel. Fluff Chick (pictured below) isn't sure exactly what to call itself, but the band is sure it's not a food item. FC sprang from the ashes of Ratt Funeral, a group created for the first Rock Lotto in the area, a concept wherein 32 entrants are cordoned off into random groups of four and forced to write material for a 13 minute set for their newly created band. Guitarist /vocalist Anne Langley--a former Ratt Funeralist--co-writes the band's tunes; trumpeter/guitarist Jeff Herrick and bassist John Snyder do all the other stuff. Nathaniel Smith has recently replaced another original Ratt Funeral member, Kurt Haggardorn, on drums. Officially retired FC's Antoun Nabhan and Billy Boyer sit in on keyboards when they feel like it. The band stands firmly at the crossroads of pop and rock, daring the devil or any other musically well-connected pedestrian passerby to make them an offer they can't refuse. They're performing the early show (7:30 p.m.) at The Cave Thursday, Dec. 19. Call 968-9308 for info. --Grant Britt

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